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Non-Invasive, Single-Visit ABPM for Precision Hypertension Healthcare

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) delivers dramatically more accurate hemodynamics measurements than traditional blood pressure cuff monitoring. Now, fast, accurate, and convenient ABPM is finally a reality with Preventric’s BPro® Wireless and advanced data analytics capabilities.

This FDA-approved solution fits easily on anyone’s wrist and delivers readings equivalent to aortic pulse wave readings with a single application. Physicians get the data they need to make precise diagnoses and treatment recommendations. Patients receive intervention sooner, with fewer office visits and a greater chance of preventing hypertension-related complications.

Digital Health + BPro

Digital Health

Advanced, AI-driven analytics that collect BPro Wireless data and converts today’s trial-and-error hypertension diagnoses into precision, data-driven treatment regimens. This powerful combination reduces the number of visits needed to improve outcomes and protect quality of life.


The only FDA-approved ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) small enough to fit comfortably on a wrist. BPro fitting is stress free and delivers exceptionally accurate readings from both 15 minute and 24 hour sessions.


99.17% Accurate compared to arterial catheterization
Ambulatory solution that can eliminate 25% of blood pressure diagnostic errors
Proven across more than 20,000 patient trials
Percent approved for private payers

The World’s Most Innovative Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Solution

Preventric’s BPro® Wireless ABPM device and AI-driven data analytics deliver rapid, accurate results that can correct 30% or more of a population’s blood pressure diagnostics. BPro is the only solution proven to provide gold-standard results equal to invasive arterial catheterization. That’s why BPro is cited in more than 70 international papers.


“Patients love the device.  They feel incorporated into their care because it’s cutting-edge. The satisfaction in my office is tremendous, which makes my job easier.”

Russell Ronson, M.D.
Baptist Heart & Vascular Institute Pensacola

“I love the 24-hour ABP monitoring, and the slick and elegant way you obtain it is appealing.  I get great info from BPro, and that information changes management.”

Phillip Madonia, M.D.
Nephrology Associates, P.C.


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